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    About Us

    Daddy Daughter Carpet the # 1 {name|business|company} in the carpet repair {industry|field|profession}!

    We are a family owned and operated business that {has over| has more than} 44 years of{experience| expertise| knowledge} in the carpet installation and repair {industry| sector|business| arena| trade}. Our {experienced| skilled| knowledgeable| seasoned| professional|expert} {team| staff| crew} will {salvage| restore| save} your carpets and save you from hefty replacement fees. {We offer| We provide} a comprehensive package of carpet repair{services| solutions} including restretching and squeaky floor repair. We will {extend|prolong| lengthen} the life your carpet and save you and your family money. There is no need for {costly| expensive| pricey| very expensive} replacements of carpets that {can be|could be} repaired or restretched. Contact us today to save your carpet and your dollars!

    Carpet Stretching and Repair Company in {city}


    Are you {considering| thinking about| looking at| thinking of} a {costly| pricey| substantial} carpet replacement? Does your carpet suffer from {unsightly| unappealing| bothersome} wrinkles or bumps? Does it have {tears| splits| rips}, stains or even burns? Is your berber unraveling? If you answered yes to any of the above questions we can help. We are Atlanta’s carpet repair and restretching experts. Our {team| staff| company} {has over| has more than} 40 years of experience in the carpet {industry| business}, We are {experienced| skilled| seasoned} home service professionals that know how to restore your carpet and save you money. Our time tested {techniques| methods} combined with the latest tools in the carpet industry allow us to restore your carpet and save you money. Don’t {spend| shell out| pay} {thousands of| countless| hundreds of} dollars on a new carpet {installation| replacement}. Call Daddy Daughter Carpet to have your carpet restored for a fraction of the cost. Daddy Daughter Carpet is family owned and operated. As a small family {operation| company| business} we feel that our {customers| clients} are like our friends and neighbors. That’s why we guarantee a neighborly customer service experience. We treat your {home| house| residence| property} and your time with the same respect {as if| as though} it were our own. We pride ourselves on a {completing| finishing| executing} our work to the {satisfaction| complete satisfaction| approval} of our {customers| clients}.

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    We Are {Ready|Prepared|All set|Set} To Get Your Carpets Looking Brand New!

    Our {team|group|staff|crew} of {expert|professional} repair {technicians|specialists|experts} is {available|readily available|accessible|on call} 24/7 to help {restore|rejuvenate|revitalize|revive} your {home|house}’s carpets. {Contact|Get in touch with|Call|Connect with|Reach out to} us {today|right now|now}!

    Our Services

    {Years|Many years} Of Experience In Carpet {Care|Repair Services}

    Daddy Daughter Carpet can {provide|offer} you and your {household|home|family} with the {best|absolute best|most ideal|most effective} carpet repair and restretching services {available|out there}.

    Carpet Restretching

    {Over time| With time} your carpet {will| may| can} wrinkle and form bumps and waves. {These| These types of| These particular} issues aren’t only {unsightly| ugly| unappealing} blemishes, but they can also become tripping hazards. We use time tested techniques with the newest technology to restretch your carpet and restore it to a like new condition.

    Cosmetic Repairs

    We can repair rips, tears, runs, burns, and even bleach stains.

    Squeaky, Noisy Floors

    We can fix noisy and squeaky loose floorboards.

    We SAVE YOU MONEY and Provide Superior Results

    Neighborly Service Guarantee

    As a locally owned and family operated business we {understand| recognize| realize} that our customers are our friends and neighbors. {We offer| We provide} the friendly touch of a {small business| small company} with big business value. Our customers make our American dream possible and we {value| appreciate} you and your home. Our work is {based on| built upon| built on} trust, respect, and experience. That’s our neighborly guarantee to you! Contact us today.

    Our Story

    Daddy Daughter Carpet is a family owned and operated business. Steve Bridges and his daughter Charity Woods started Daddy Daughter Carpet to meet the growing demand in our community for carpet restoration. We work as a duo to restore your carpet for a fraction of the cost of replacement. We value each customer for the opportunity to continue to grow our business and work side by side each day. When you invite us into your home we pride ourselves on treating it as if it were our own. Put us to work today restoring your carpet and saving you money.

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